Do You Need To Pay for Cloud Storage Space?

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While some cloud storage solutions charge money, others provide users with a small amount, ranging from 5GB to 20GB, for free. If you’re interested in cloud storage, you can find free options with an online search right now.

Is there any reason you need to pay for cloud storage space? If all you need is a few extra GB to secure photos and documents, a free service will do. However, if you’re looking for better security or advanced features, there may be a cost involved.

Free and Affordable Cloud Storage Services

Many cloud storage providers have a pricing structure, however, several services offer a specific amount of storage for free. Most users don’t require massive cloud storage capacities, so it’s feasible to store a considerable number of files in the cloud without paying a dime. Let’s take a look at cloud storage providers who deliver free or budget-friendly storage solutions.

Google Drive

Google Drive supplies free storage to individuals, families, and businesses alike.1 Google allocates 15GB of complimentary storage to all users. Besides storing your files on Google Drive, this cloud platform allows you to create documents and spreadsheets, manage office tasks with G Suite, and store photos and videos.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft’s OneDrive comes pre-installed in Windows operating systems, eliminating the need for additional downloads for PC users.2 The Microsoft Photo application can synchronize your images across all your devices, while Mac users can download an app to synchronize materials across Apple devices.


Dropbox ranks among the most well-known cloud storage services.3 It enables you to create presentations, collaborate remotely, allow multiple users to view and comment on your files, and restore or recover any material you’ve worked on within the past 120 days. Dropbox presents 2GB of free storage. You can purchase more space if required.


MEGA immediately grants 20GB of free storage, suitable for storage or file sharing.4 Access MEGA from iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows devices. MEGAsync, a tool provided by the service, allows Windows, Mac, and Linux users to drag and drop files into a folder for effortless MEGA storage.

The Bottom Line

With a variety of free and low-cost cloud storage options available, there’s no need for many users to pay for cloud storage. Carefully assess your storage requirements and compare the different providers to find the most suitable solution that doesn’t break the bank. By employing smart strategies and taking advantage of the free options available, you can save money on cloud storage while keeping your files safe and accessible.

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