Goodbye Telephones: 3 Easy Ways to Make Calls with VoIP

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Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is becoming popular, allowing people to use broadband internet to make and receive calls, both at home and on the go. If you’re tempted to make the switch, you can explore VoIP with an online search right now.

This communications technology can help you connect with more devices while saving money. If you’re interested in ditching your landline, why not explore the benefits of VoIP? You may never look back!

How Does VoIP Technology Work?

VoIP technology works by converting a person’s voice into digital data. This digital data can then be transmitted over the internet so the person on the other side can hear it.1 VoIP technology works similarly to how all other phone technology functions. The primary difference is the method of transmitting voice. With cell phones, radio waves are responsible for sending a person’s voice. With traditional landlines, special cables are used instead.

Ways to Make Calls

One fantastic aspect of VoIP phone services is that there are several ways to make calls, which aren’t strictly limited to phone-to-phone calling, like traditional landline or cell phone usage.

There are three types of VoIP calls: computer to computer, phone to phone and computer to phone (or vice versa)2:

1. Computer to Computer

VoIP allows you to make calls from one computer to another or any device running operating systems and using digital data. For example, this might include tablets, notebooks and smartphones. To make a call from one computer to the next, all you need is your electronic device, a microphone and a headset.

2. Phone to Phone

You can use cell or analogue phones to utilize VoIP phone to phone calls. While this is one of the most convenient ways to use VoIP, it can also be the most expensive option because both parties must have phones. To use an analogue phone for VoIP calling, you’ll need an analogue telephone adapter (ATA) installed.

3. Computer to Phone (or Vice Versa)

You can also make calls from a computer to a phone or vice versa. When using a computer to make calls, you can call any traditional phone (cells and landlines). When using a phone to call a computer, that device must have the appropriate software installed.

Where to Find VoIP Deals

VoIP technology has transformed the way people can make and receive calls. Regardless of the method you use, VoIP is a highly reliable, more affordable option than traditional landlines. Thanks to increasing prevalence, VoIP providers and packages may allow you to make international calls for pennies.

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