Amsterdam on a Budget: Top 10 Hotels Under $40

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Amsterdam is a must-see destination for many travelers. Known for its unique blend of tradition and modernity, the city offers a rich tapestry of experiences. Start a search today to find more Amsterdam hotels for under or close to under $40 a night!

This city also offers a variety of affordable accommodations. For those looking to explore this enchanting city without spending a fortune on lodging, there are numerous hotels and hostels where you can stay comfortably for close to under $40 a night.

1. The Flying Pig Downtown

The Flying Pig Downtown is a favorite among young and solo travelers. Located near Amsterdam Central Station, it offers easy access to the city’s main attractions. For under $40, guests can enjoy a lively atmosphere, comfortable bunk beds, and a sociable common area.

It’s perfect for those looking to meet fellow travelers. The hostel is also known for its friendly staff and helpful travel tips, making it an excellent choice for first-time visitors to Amsterdam.

2. Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark

Situated right next to the famous Vondelpark, Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark is ideal for nature lovers. This hostel offers a serene setting, with the option of dormitory or private rooms within the budget.

Guests appreciate the cleanliness, friendly staff, and the bonus of a beautiful park view. It’s a great starting point for exploring the city. The hostel also organizes bike rentals, allowing guests to explore Amsterdam like a local.

3. Hostel Van Gogh

Located in the museum district, Hostel Van Gogh provides affordable accommodation close to some of Amsterdam’s most famous museums. For around $40, guests can stay in modern, art-themed rooms.

The hostel is particularly popular for its proximity to the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. It’s a perfect stay for culture enthusiasts. Additionally, it offers guest discounts on museum tickets and guided tours.

4. Ecomama Hotel

Ecomama Hotel offers a unique, eco-friendly stay in the heart of Amsterdam. For under $40, guests can enjoy a comfortable and sustainable lodging experience. The hotel features cozy communal areas and promotes a green philosophy.

It’s ideal for environmentally conscious travelers. Ecomama also hosts various social events, including movie nights and communal dinners.

5. ClinkNOORD Hostel

ClinkNOORD, located just across the IJ River from Central Amsterdam, is accessible via a short free ferry ride. The hostel stands out for its vibrant atmosphere and modern amenities, all under $40 a night.

It hosts regular events and has a lively bar, making it a great choice for those looking to socialize. The hostel’s interior design is a blend of modern and retro styles, adding to its unique character.

6. MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam City West

Situated near Sloterdijk train station, MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam City West offers easy access to the city center. This hotel-hostel hybrid provides guests with clean, contemporary rooms.

Prices are competitive, with options for both private and shared rooms. It’s a great pick for groups and families. The hotel also features a guest kitchen and game zone, adding to its family-friendly appeal.

7. Hans Brinker Hostel

Known for its no-frills approach, Hans Brinker Hostel is a budget traveler’s haven. Located in the city center, it offers basic accommodation with a fun and quirky atmosphere. The hostel is famous for its underground bar and its humorous advertising.

It’s perfect for travelers looking for a simple, affordable place to sleep. Their motto of being “proudly worse than the rest” has become a humorous badge of honor.

8. The Bulldog Hotel

The Bulldog Hotel is a well-known establishment in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. It offers a mix of dormitory and private rooms under $40. The hotel is renowned for its lively lounge and rooftop terrace.

It’s an ideal choice for those who want to be in the middle of the action. The Bulldog also offers guided walking tours of the Red Light District.

9. WOW Amsterdam

WOW Amsterdam combines affordable lodging with a cultural twist. Situated in a former school building, it hosts an artist residency program. For under $40, guests can stay in creatively decorated rooms.

The hostel is a bit further from the city center, but well-connected by public transport. It’s a hub for creative minds and often hosts art exhibitions and cultural events.

10. Amsterdam Hostel Annemarie

Located near the Museum Square, Hostel Annemarie offers budget-friendly accommodation in a prime location. With dorm beds available under $40, it’s a straightforward, no-frills hostel perfect for budget travelers.

Guests appreciate the friendly atmosphere and the proximity to major museums and concert halls. The hostel also provides a communal kitchen, where guests can prepare their meals and interact with fellow travelers.

Start Searching Today!

Visiting Amsterdam doesn’t have to be expensive. These top 10 hotels and hostels offer comfortable and affordable accommodations, allowing you to spend more on experiencing the city’s rich history, culture, and vibrant nightlife.

Each option provides a unique experience, from the eco-friendly Ecomama Hotel to the culturally rich WOW Amsterdam. Continue searching online to find more budget-friendly stays so you can immerse yourself in the charm and diversity of Amsterdam without worrying about your travel expenses.

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