How to Find Dirt Cheap Business Class Flights

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By Topic Insight Staff

Who doesn’t want to fly business class? These flights usually cost up to $1,000, but some airlines now offer discounted business class fares. Start a search to find out how to get discounted business class tickets and fly in style on your next trip!

With the advent of online booking and frequent flyer programs, it’s easier than ever to uncover exclusive deals and promotions, making the dream of a luxurious business class journey well within reach for savvy travelers.

1. Be Flexible With Your Travel Dates

One of the key ways to discover cheaper business class fares is by being flexible with your travel dates. Airlines often have unsold business class seats, especially during off-peak times.

By adjusting your travel dates by even a day or two, you can stumble upon substantial discounts. Keep an eye on tools like Google Flights, which will allow you to view the cheapest fares available over an entire month.1

2. Use Airfare Alert Services

Enlisting the help of airfare alert services can be a game-changer. Platforms like Kayak, Airfarewatchdog, or Scott’s Cheap Flights allow users to set up alerts for specific routes.

Once the fare for your desired route drops, these platforms notify you immediately. Over time, these notifications can help you identify patterns, and you can book when the prices are at their lowest.

3. Explore Nearby Airports

Another clever tactic is considering alternative airports near your destination. Sometimes, flying into a less popular airport and then taking a short regional flight or drive to your final location can result in significant savings.

Major hubs often have higher prices due to increased demand. On the other hand, smaller airports may have more competitive fares to attract travelers.

4. Book with Points or Miles

Loyalty pays. Accruing frequent flyer miles or credit card points can be a ticket to affordable business class flights. The trick is to be strategic about it.

Look for airlines or credit cards that offer hefty sign-up bonuses or promotional offers. Over time, these points can add up, allowing you to book a business class flight for a fraction of the cash price or even for free.

5. Look for Sales and Promotions

Airlines frequently run promotions, especially during holidays or low seasons. By subscribing to airline newsletters or following them on social media, you can be among the first to know when these sales go live. Sometimes, these promotions can result in 40-50% reductions in business class fares.

6. Mistake Fares

Every once in a while, airlines make pricing errors. These ‘mistake fares’ can result in ridiculously low prices for business class tickets. Websites and forums like FlyerTalk or Secret Flying regularly post about these error fares.2 But act quickly, as airlines can fix these mistakes in a matter of hours.

7. Opt for Bid Upgrades

Some airlines offer a feature where economy passengers can bid for available business class seats.3 This can be a win-win situation, as airlines get to fill up unsold seats and passengers get a chance to fly in luxury for less. The key is not to overbid. Do your research, see the regular fare difference, and then place a bid that’s reasonable but still offers savings.

8. Choose Lesser-Known Airlines

Prominent airlines often charge more for their brand recognition and extensive services. However, many smaller or lesser-known airlines offer equally luxurious business class experiences at a fraction of the cost. Check out carriers from different regions and see what they bring to the table. You might be pleasantly surprised by their quality and affordability.

9. Use Split Ticketing Techniques

Instead of booking a direct flight, sometimes booking two separate legs of a journey can result in savings. This technique, known as split ticketing, can be especially effective if you’re traveling internationally. Just ensure you have ample time between connections, as two separate tickets mean that missed connections can lead to out-of-pocket expenses for rebooking.

10. Consider Business Class Subscription Services

With the changing dynamics of the airline industry, several airlines and third-party companies are now offering subscription models where you pay a fixed monthly or yearly fee for unlimited business class flights within certain routes. While this might be more suitable for frequent flyers, it’s an avenue worth exploring, especially if you find yourself on the go often.

Learn More Today

With some determination, an effective strategy, and a little bit of luck, you can find a great deal on business class flights. It’s all about knowing where to look, being persistent, and using the tools available to your advantage.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go very far to continue your luxury travel deep dive. The internet is an unending source of valuable information. Keep searching, stay informed, and soon you might find yourself sipping champagne at 35,000 feet, with a pocket full of cash.

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